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    UPDATE 10/16/2012: Robert Kiyosaki bankruptcy - his Rich Global corporate arm filed corporate bankruptcy


    Mr. Kiyosaki mostly just markets his books and digital media, and runs his seminars ("medicine shows"). His materials appear to follow suit with his "Rich Dad" book in which he was proved to be dishonest about a lot of things - it came out that there was no "rich dad", and no "poor dad". It is a book of fiction - as it should be. The research & review by John T Reed says more than we ever could.


    SUCCESS RATE: Unknown.


    BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU RATING: Satisfactory, which is better than most. Only two "gurus" have fewer complaints.


    OVERALL COST: Unknown - varies between books, DVD's, seminars, mentoring.


    COMMENTS: When it comes to getting folks fired up to improve themselves, Robert Kiyosaki is hard to beat. Other than that, however, we find little value in his materials.


    A letter received from Nanci stated, "Rich dad poor dad was all self promotion and no training. all they want is to take your money. and lots of it. About $57,000". All we can say is a person can do a lot of investing with $57,000. But now she cannot because Kiyosaki has her money.




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