Actual letter received from a Dalbey "Senior Director"

"I worked for the Dalbey Education Institute.... (previous name Dalbey Wealth Institute, and before that Americas Note Network) for 4 years. The changes in names were due to investigations from the Attorney General's office, the BBB, and almost all regulation agencies in both Colorado and nationally.

"This Company makes over 120 million dollars in new business and "cash flow" a year, but not from the company participating in this "note business" or buying or flipping notes... BUT only from selling the basic course (prices for everything vary depending on how much your credit card limit is) and all other additional services and business tools. Price discrimination is worse than your local used car lot.

"I personally sold over 3 million dollars in product over the phone as I was one of the 50+ "Senior Directors of Business Development"

"Out of thousands of clients I sold to (and we are not talking about the $39 bait course but products from $700- $18,000) I had only 2 people that made a penny. The first a lady on Social Security who had one deal and made $1,250 after 4 months of effort. The other a man who was a minister and he made $950 on his only deal and he had bought over $18,000 in services and training from Dalbey Education Institute. BUT THAT IS OUT OF 1,000s of clients!

"The number of "leads" or people who have ordered the original course is over 450,000. This Database is larger than any national BANK client list in our country. "New Business" or selling additional products, events, or training to clients who have ordered the course within 30 days is 99% of all of their business.

"What should this tell you? This could go on forever !!

"The protege online training course you might pay $700 for or, if your a big sucker, you will pay $3,995 for almost the exact same thing. And the training course is NOT a small group, there is NO start date - this is an online training that they just plug you in at any time any week. Your "COACH" or "MENTOR" is most likely an out of work school teacher making 10 bucks an hour. Or he/she could be a felon with good writing skills foir his fake resume (no background checks are done on employees because turnover is so high it would be too expensive).

"As for the EVENTS... now this is their cash crop. $2500-$6,000 with no travel expenses covered (but they do pay for your $100 corporate rate hotel room..LoL) These events are filled with brand new clients with no idea what they just got into. 400+ people at a time wandering around a 4 star hotel with sales guys all over trying to sell you more before you even know the first thing about the business. This is really a sick and sad event.

"Try calling them over and over again (every call is documented with notes from sales guys so you have to be creative) but see how many "directors of business development" or senior this or senior that guys you can talk to. See how many different prices you can get for the exact same product. Ask them the exact date of the success story they just told you. Ask them if a success story could be a guy who spent $18,000 in training and tools and made one transaction and made $1,000. All success stories look like this !!!

"Everything is bait and switch, and all training tools are filled with marketing so you buy more. Trust me, nothing will work for you... notice you will never have enough... you will always be told you need more. There are never any class size limits or deadlines to sign up for any product, and events are always less than a month away. Bootcamps are run every week but this event will cost you $6,000. And you are guaranteed to get "one deal in the works" (but not necessarily any profit).

"Think about what this could mean. " deal in the works"...... how general is that? Trust me, these deals almost never go through.

"Notice how all the sales guys say "COULD" "You could do this" "you could make this"... "I COULD make a million dollars tomorrow... but chances are I won't hit the lottery tomorrow.


"If you have bought the bait course, suck it up take your losses and learn from this experience. Have some fun with all the sales guys... trust me they will call and call and call. See if you can QUALIFY to talk to the TOP DOG ( one of 50+). Remember all you have to do to qualify is say you have money or a CC. Have fun with these guys for me.

"BUT Please don't buy anything... unless you have tons of money in the bank and just want to learn how to run a great marketing company... or scam company.

"I will go to hell for having worked there and for Russ. I am sorry to all the people I have helped rip off."

Ryan Smith

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