What To Expect From Infomercial Real Estate Gurus

There are so many real estate "gurus" assaulting the airwaves these days, and it has become proportionately difficult to sort the facts from all the hype. This article is designed to help you do just that.

First and most important, remember that an infomercial has one primary objective, and that is to separate people from their money. Bear that in mind as you listen to their spiel, which will tend to put you more in tune with what is actually being said - and what they are NOT saying.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Mentoring, or coaching. Almost none of the infomercial gurus use actual, practicing investors for their "mentoring". In most cases, the "mentors" are nothing more than third-party scripted telephone operators who have never purchased any real estate. And some of these third party mentoring companies are under indictment for misleading advertising. Before sign with any mentor program, find out a) if they do their own "in-house" mentoring, and b) if the mentors are actual, practicing investors.

2) Look out for the typical low cost lead-in product that unobtrusively leads you into a monthly fee debited from your account every month, or places you in a position to be pressured into purchasing expensive add-ons like bus tours, boot camps or mentoring. All the infomercial gurus do this - you pay a low cost for their so-called "course", or even get into a "free" seminar only to discover too late that they tap your account every month. Before buying anything from these people, demand to know if there are any ongoing costs or fees.

3) Another important caveat - beware the expensive upsells and add-ons - they are usually worthless. All the "gurus" you see on TV provide a very basic program that does not heve enough detail to be able to put their course to use. But it does whet your appetite - basically, it is a sales pitch disguised as a program, created only for the purpose of getting you to spend the big bucks for their mentoring or "boot camps" so you can get the rest of the info you thought you were buying in the first place.

In short - THINK before you buy. Do your homework! Do not allow yourself to be duped by the hype. Check things out. Make sure you understand exactly what you will be getting, and what it will really cost you.

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